We are starting to communicate regularly with patients to reassure them that they are still on our waiting list and to check whether they still need an appointment, treatment or surgery

We are sorry you are waiting to be seen, we are working hard to see patients as soon as we can. 

In line with national guidance, we are starting to contact patients to ask if they still need their appointment, treatment or surgery. We understand that a person’s individual circumstances can change, symptoms may improve, and some people may choose to receive care elsewhere. 

It is important that we know if you no longer need care so that we can update our waiting lists, to ensure we see patients who still needs care or treatment more quickly.

NHS England requires all NHS Trusts to communicate every 12 weeks with patients who are on the waiting list and have had no contact with the hospital.

This means if you are waiting more than 24 weeks, you may receive more than one message from us.

We are not yet communicating with all patients in this way. Please do not feel concerned if you do not receive a message from us.

How will we contact you

If we have a mobile number on record for you, you will receive an SMS text message. If not, we may send a letter or call you.  

Please take the time to reply as it helps us to manage our waiting lists and work more efficiently to see all patients more quickly.

What to do if you receive a text message from us 

The text message will explain why we are contacting you, and will also provide a link to a portal, where you can select one of the following options:

  • Option 1: Yes – I still need care, please keep me on your waiting list and/or keep my booked appointment/s or treatment or surgery

  • Option 2: No – I no longer need care (appointment, treatment or surgery), please remove me from your waiting list and discharge me back to my GP

  • Option 3: Unsure – I am unsure if I still need care

What will happen next

  • If you choose yes, you will remain on our waiting list, and we will see you as soon as possible.

  • If you choose no, one of our clinicians will review your care record, before we discharge you back to your GP. We may need to contact you if we require any further information.

  • If you choose unsure, we will review your care record and if we need to contact you, a member of staff will get in touch.

What would happen if you didn’t respond to the message

Usually, if you do not respond, you will keep your existing appointment, surgery or treatment and/or remain on our waiting list. Sometimes, we may need to discharge you back to your GP. 

Support we can offer while you wait 

Once again, we want to apologise to our patients who are waiting longer than usual for an appointment, surgery or treatment.