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Before leaving your appointment

We encourage you to ask questions at your appointment.

You and your healthcare professional will work together to make decisions about your care.

Before you leave your appointment, please make sure you understand:

  • What your diagnosis is or what might be wrong
  • Which treatment is best for you
  • Whether you need any further tests
  • Whether you need to book a follow up appointment at reception
  • What will happen next

Booking a follow up appointment

The next steps are different depending on what we are helping you with. Ask the clinician before you leave if you need to arrange a follow up.

If the doctor prescribes you a new or different medication, they will either write and inform your GP or give you a prescription to take to the hospital pharmacy

You may be asked if you’d like to have your follow up outpatient appointment using our video consultation service.


If you have been given an outpatient prescription at your hospital appointment, you will need to take it to the outpatient’s dispensary within the hospital.

Prescriptions issued by our hospital clinics will usually provide a four weeks’ supply of medication.

Locate a pharmacy

Friends and family test

The friends and family test is one of several ways we measure and monitor patient experience. We ask you to complete this quick test to let us know how we’re doing. You can complete the test in our clinics or from home, at your convenience. Learn more about our friends and family test and results.

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