Our chaplaincy team offers confidential religious, spiritual, and pastoral care to all patients, visitors, and staff across our five hospital sites, during normal working hours and as a 24/7 urgent out-of-hours on-call service.

Spiritual and pastoral care

During times of illness, uncertainty and change, many draw deeply from their own faith tradition, whilst others simply want a listening ear. Chaplains work as part of the wider healthcare teams across our hospitals. The team is available from 09.00 to 17.00, Monday to Friday.
If you would like to arrange for the chaplain to visit you, please speak to a member of the ward team or call the spiritual and pastoral care service directly:     

  • Charing Cross Hospital: 020 3311 1056 
  • Hammersmith and Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea hospitals: 020 3313 4574 
  • St Mary’s Hospital: 020 3312 1508 

The chaplaincy team also provide a 24/7 emergency service for end-of-life situations or for people who are experiencing extreme distress. If you feel your need is urgent, please speak to a member of the ward team and they will contact the on-call chaplain. 

Chapels and prayer rooms

There are chapels and prayer rooms on each hospital site, available for use by staff, patients who are able to leave their wards and those visiting patients. They are open during normal working hours for private prayer and reflection. As the prayer rooms and chapels are on the hospital sites, everyone attending must wear a face mask and keep two metres apart from others during acts of worship and private use.

Jumma Prayers take place on each site as follows: 

  • Charing Cross Hospital (New Board Room): 13.15
  • Hammersmith Hospital: 1st service 13.00 / 2nd service 13.45
  • St Mary’s Hospital: 13.00 

Services in the chapels are currently held as follows:

 Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday Friday
Hammersmith Hospital 
RC Mass 12.30
Charing Cross Hospital
RC Mass 12.30
St Mary’s Hospital
CofE Eucharist
St Mary’s Hospital
RC Mass 12.30
Hammersmith Hospital
RC Mass 12.30
  St Mary’s Hospital RC Mass 12.30   Charing Cross Hospital
RC Mass 12.30

Please note: These schedules may vary according to the time of year and religious seasons and festivals.


There are Christian chapels, Muslim prayer rooms, and quiet rooms on each of our main sites, for use by patients, their families and visitors, and by staff. Services are held in the chapels and prayer rooms on each site. For information about these and other chaplaincy facilities on each site, please follow the links below.

The chaplaincy team

The chaplaincy team is made up of Anglican, Jewish, Muslim, and Roman Catholic chaplains. Representatives from other religions and traditions will be contacted on request. Your own minister is welcome to visit you in hospital, subject to any particular arrangements that are in place on the ward or hospital site concerned. During Covid-19, any minister wishing to visit a patient in hospital is advised to contact the chaplaincy service, or speak to the nurse in charge of the ward concerned, before travelling to the hospital to avoid a wasted journey in the event that it is not possible to visit.

Fr Giles Pinnock, Head of Spiritual & Pastoral Care and Roman Catholic chaplain

Giles Pinnock

Revd Michele Lee, Anglican chaplain

Michele Lee

 Fr Blaise Amadi, Roman Catholic chaplain

Rabbi Ari Cohen, Jewish chaplain

Ari Cohen

Imam Shahid Hussain, Muslim chaplain

Shahid Hussain

Fr Benedict Abuo, Roman Catholic chaplain,

Fr Benedict Abuo

Imam Abdul-Karim Al-Tamimy, Muslim chaplain


Veronica Burns, Roman Catholic chaplain

Veronica Burns

Fr Gladson Dabre, Roman Catholic chaplain


Frank Franklin LLM, Anglican chaplain

Frank Franklin

Revd Margaret Legg, Anglican chaplain

Margarett Legg

Shanaz Khanche, Muslim chaplain