Here you can read quotes from some of our patients who have peritoneal dialysis.

You will find information on patients experiences with: 



“I carry out exchanges three times a day and after a few weeks I got completely used to it. I now make sure it fits in nicely with my day. I started off being run by CAPD, now I have full control of the care myself and feel in charge” 

Charles Carne, 76 

“Once you get into the rhythm and settle into it, I think it works really well. You should not be scared of it and you should feel like you can contact the renal team at any time.” 

Kenneth Mantel, 69 


“I can do this at night whilst I am sleeping then get on with normal things during the day.”  

Amir Mir, 39 

“You are in control at home, albeit sometimes with the help of renal technicians.” 

Kenneth Mantel, 69 

Storing the Equipment to perform dialysis

‘Monthly delivery, I have a cupboard where everything just about fits in. It works really well; I have never run out of fluid’. 

Elaine Hartley 61 years old  

Holidays and working 

“I tried to not let it interfere with my life, I was travelling to Canada and to Europe and it just required a bit of organisation and self-esteem.” 

Kenneth Mantel, 69 

“I travel to Australia and new Zealand/Hong Kong at least once a year – [the] exchange programme with these countries is outstanding. By the time I arrived in the hotel, all of my supplies were waiting for me.” 

Daniel Bovington, 41 

“I have been working throughout and fit my exchanges around work.” 

Amir Mir, 39


“Training was excellent – really nice people. [afterwards I felt] ready to leave and go into the world.” 

Charles Carne, 76 

“I felt absolutely equipped to carry out the exchanges on my own.” 

Elaine Hartley, 61 

Follow-up care 

“The follow-up care doesn’t invade my life – it isn’t too frequent and it’s nice to catch-up with the staff.’ 

Elaine Hartley, 61 

“Somebody came to visit us and see how the set-up was, which was very helpful. We are in touch with everyone at Hammersmith and there is always someone there to help. Couldn’t ask for any more. I love not having to go to the hospital anymore, other than monthly check-ups.” 

Renaud Spencer, 74 

“At the beginning, nurses came to my home. You can ring the PD unit at any time with any questions and queries and they get back to you straight away.” 

Amir, 39