Find out about the Peritoneal dialysis team


Professor Edwina Brown – consultant nephrologist 

“My main interests are advanced kidney disease (I’m in charge of the advanced kidney disease clinic at Charing Cross Hospital), peritoneal dialysis (I’m also in charge of PD Unit), and outcomes of older people with kidney disease.  

“I started working in peritoneal dialysis over 40 years ago when training at Yale University (USA). I have been involved with the unit here since maintenance PD started in the UK in the early 1980’s. My main research interests focus on the needs and outcomes of older people with kidney disease. Currently, I am leading on the Kidney Transplant in Older People study (KTOP). I have also just become the President-Elect of the International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis (will be president 2022-4).” 

Dr Richard Corbett – consultant nephrologist  

“I carry out clinics in both dialysis and transplantation with a particular interest in peritoneal dialysis and renal home therapies. As an interventional nephrologist, I also place dialysis access, including peritoneal dialysis catheters under local anaesthetic, and perform renal biopsies. My research interests focus on improving outcomes for people with established renal failure, including the application of fluid mechanics to problems with dialysis access.” 

Sally Punzalan – head nurse, renal home therapies/MSc adult nurse practitioner independent/supplementary nurse prescriber 

“I have 23 years of nursing experience, 20 years of which are in Renal.  Specializing in PD, I took an interest in PD access, performing PD catheter insertions, externalisations and removals.  I have particular interests in providing education and training however, I focus mainly on organising a safe, structured pathway to provide a seamless experience for those who receive Renal home-based treatments.” 

Jacqueline McGrory – senior sister, PD  

Nora Hisole – senior sister, PD 

Titus Chelapurath – senior charge nurse, PD independent/supplementary nurse prescriber 

“I am the community peritoneal dialysis specialist at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. I work closely with the renal home therapies team to provide nursing care for dialysis patients. I particularly focuses on performing nurse clinics in the community and attending to patients with any dialysis related queries in the community.” 

Carol Bartholomew – senior sister, PD 

“I have more than 35 years’ experience working in the renal field in all aspects of renal care. I am currently working in renal home therapies, providing specialist care, advice and support to patients on peritoneal dialysis. I am particularly passionate about providing the best care possible to all patients.”  

Froilan Galima – charge nurse, PD 

Specific interest in Renal Replacement Therapy Counselling and Training. 

Valentina Zanovello –  sister, PD 

“I have worked in Haemodialysis from 2007 until 2018.  My interest is in Renal Dialysis Nursing.”  

Susan Newbury – administrative and clerical support, PD 

“I have 25 years of experience in my current role. My main interest is in PD and Renal Home Therapies in general.”