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The older person's rapid access clinic (OPRAC) is a specialised service designed to meet the needs of older people with specific medical problems.

This is a medicine for the elderly (MfE) consultant-led service that offers emergency department-style access to tests and diagnostics and provides dedicated treatment in a setting adapted for treating frail older patients. There is quick and easy access to the expertise of other specialties within the acute hospital setting.

We also see older people who may have an urgent diagnostic dilemma. For example, if a patient is suffering from breathlessness or weight loss, we have the time and resources to explore the potential causes and either eliminate the cause or treat the patient accordingly.

Conditions and treatments

We provide general medical treatment at a consultant level for up to three patients a day. We also offer rapid diagnostic testing when required, including x-rays, CT scans or ultrasounds. We treat:

  • recent weight loss
  • sudden worsening of memory problems
  • unexplained decline in mobility
  • (patients with) several long-term conditions that have decompensated