Dr Mohsen Hajhosseiny  trained in medicine at Imperial College London, graduating with MBBS in 2011. Dr Hajhosseiny has a BSc in medical physics and biomedical engineering from UCL and MRes (with distinction) in medical imaging sciences from Kings College London.

Dr Hajhosseiny  trained in clinical radiology at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust between 2015-2021. He has completed fellowships in Cardiac CT, Cardiac MRI and Cardiothoracic imaging.

Between 2021-2023 he was a consultant cardiothoracic radiologist and Cardiac CT lead in East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trusts.

Dr Hajhosseiny was appointed a consultant cardiothoracic radiologist at Imperial College London in October 2023.

Research & publications

Hadeer Hasaneen MBBCh MSc a,b, Xenios Milidonis PhD a, Mohsen Hajhosseiny MBBS a,

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