Dr Elika Kashef graduated from Kings College, London 2001, and trained as a general surgeon for 3 years. She undertook her radiology training at HHNT Trusts (now Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust). IR fellowship 2008-2010 at St Mary's Hospital. She became a consultant IR and the lead for trauma radiology in 2011.


Trauma Imaging and emergency Interventional Radiology, Endovascular procedures (EVAR, TEVAR, Peripheral vascular disease), Womens interventions- Uterine Fibdoid Embolizations, Post Partum Haemorrhage , Ovarian Vein Embolization, Central Venous access (Hickman, Port-a-Cath, PICC, CVCs, Groshongs, Tesios), Biopsies(US and CT guided) and drainages

Private practice

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