We are committed to making sure we have safe levels of staffing on our wards at all times. This means having the right number of nurses, midwives and other care staff such as healthcare assistants, on our wards both day and night.

We follow national guidelines for safe nursing and midwifery staffing and report on staffing levels every month.

Every day, we review and adjust our staffing levels and display information on noticeboards on the wards so patients, families and carers can see what the staffing levels should be and what they are.

Every month, we publish our staffing information, covering the number of nursing hours we planned for the care of our patients, versus the number of nursing hours actually worked. We split this information day and night, and into registered nurses and care staff, such as healthcare assistants.

Every six months we review in detail the number of nurses and midwives needed on each ward, to make sure we have the right level and mix of skills to provide the best possible care to our patients.

Information on our staffing is available on the NHS Choices website.

Read more about safe nurse and midwife staffing levels here