Lots of data and information is gathered by a range of bodies to monitor and assess the quality and performance of NHS organisations and services. We have provided here, information and updates that will give you a clear picture of how we are doing, as well as how to find any additional performance data you may want.

We review data and information about our performance and progress at all levels across the organisation to help us ensure we are on track to meet our objectives and to spot problems at an early stage so that they can be addressed quickly.

We also contribute to a range of national monitoring programmes, which allows us and our patients to benchmark our performance against similar trusts.

Increasingly, feedback from patients and carers plays an important part in our monitoring. Find out more in our patients and visitors section.

Here, we have provided details of:

From 22 May 2019, we are taking part in a pilot programme testing proposed new access standards for urgent and emergency care. We will not publicly report or publish performance against either the new standards or the four-hour standards throughout the pilot. NHS England will undertake an evaluation of the testing and publish the results. 

As anticipated, operational performance has been impacted by the pandemic which has meant that many elective patients are waiting longer than we’d want them to for their care. As the numbers of Covid-19 patients continue to reduce, we are now seeing good progress to ‘step up’ our normal services, with some now close to pre-Covid levels. Accelerating the return to near-normal levels between now and winter is a key focus for us.