Find out how we monitor patient experience at our Trust

We measure and monitor patient experience in a number of ways, including:

Friends and family test

The friends and family test is a survey that gathers feedback from people who use NHS services about their experience. The survey asks patients to rate their overall experience of the service/care in our hospitals. We also ask a few additional questions so we can understand where we need to improve and where we’re performing well. 

How can I take the test?

Patients can complete the friends and family test by using one of the following methods:

  • a dedicated electronic device available on our wards (iPad) – Please ask staff to bring you the device and advise you how to use it.
  • web link or QR code displayed on posters around the hospitals
  • text message sent out a few days after using our services

Once you have returned home, you can still complete the test by filling in the relevant online survey:

What happens to the results?

We use your feedback to help us improve and make changes to our services and the care we provide. The results allow us to take immediate action when there’s a problem and see how effective the improvements we’ve made have been. The test also provides a measure for you to compare us with other NHS trusts. 

We are currently focusing on noise at night and food and are working with a number of wards to improve these areas. If you would like more information please contact the patient experience team by emailing

Patient stories

Patient stories are a powerful way of sharing your experience of using our services with our staff. This helps our staff to learn from your experience, both good and bad. 

We can do this in a number of ways, for example making a short video clip that we can share with wards and departments. If you would be interested in discussing how you could share your experience please contact the patient experience team by emailing

Our results

You can see our latest friends and family test results below. We report these results as part of the overall scorecard that goes to our public board meetings, as well as on the NHS Choices website where they are broken down by site.

Friends and Family Test infographic