We offer a full suite of menus with a wide variety of meals to suit the needs of all our patients. In June 2023, we refreshed our menus, making changes which consider seasonality of ingredients, supplier product availability and patient preference.

Inpatient menus

Our A La Carte menu is available to all patients across all sites. Within this is our cultural menu which contains Western halal, Asian halal, Asian vegan, African halal, African Caribbean and Jain meals. In addition to our standard adult and children’s menus we have the following special diet and therapeutic menus available:

Standard menus

Special diet menus

Therapeutic menus

Allergen Information

If you have a food allergy please advise your nurse on admission and always inform the ward host each time you place your meal order. Allergen information for all food and drinks is available on request.

Menu coding Information

Coding of meal items, provides information for patients and carers to enable them to make an informed food and drink choice whilst in hospital. The menu codes highlight dishes that are suitable for patients’ specific requirements. Detailed coding information is provided on each menu, however, you can expect to see the following codes:

  • [HE] HIGHER ENERGY - These dishes are more nourishing than those coded BC as they contain more calories and/or protein. Suitable for those with a reduced appetite.
  • [BC] BALANCED CHOICE - These dishes contain moderate amounts of fat, sugar and salt. Suitable as part of a balanced, healthy diet and for patients with diabetes.
  • [EC] EASY TO CHEW - These dishes are suitable for those who have difficulty coping with firm foods due to having no teeth or sore mouths. Not suitable for patients with difficulty swallowing (dysphagia) these patients should refer to the modified texture menus.
  • [V] VEGETARIAN - These dishes are made without meat, poultry, fish and products derived from these such as gelatine. Suitable for vegetarians that consume milk, egg and their products. A Vegan menu is available.
  • [RS] RENAL SUITABLE - These dishes are lower in sodium, potassium and phosphate. Suitable for those with impaired renal function.

 Service times

Breakfast is served between 08.00 - 09.00
Lunch is served between 12.30 - 13.30
Supper is served between 17.45 - 18.45

Please be aware, there may be slight variations according to ward based agreement.

A continental style breakfast is available daily. Your ward host will take your lunch order after breakfast and your supper order after lunch.

Snacks and drinks
Snacks are served mid morning and mid afternoon in between meal times. 

There are seven drinks rounds: early morning and evening served by nursing staff, whilst those accompanying meal times and snack service will be served by the ward host. Your water jug will be refreshed twice a day, unless your ward host is advised otherwise by nursing staff.

You may choose from a variety of sweet biscuits and cake slices, cheese and crackers, yoghurts and fresh fruit.

Drink options include: tea and coffee (including decaffeinated), malted milk drink, hot chocolate, full fat or semi-skimmed milk and fruit squash.

Need extra help at mealtimes?
We are committed to ensuring your stay is as comfortable and trouble free as possible. If at any time you need extra help please let a member of the nursing staff know, for example:

  • assistance choosing a meal suitable for your dietary requirements
  • help cutting up your food or extra support and assistance with feeding.

Food from home
For dietary and food safety reasons, relatives and other visitors are discouraged from bringing temperature sensitive food to the hospital for patients to consume. Where there are special circumstances please ensure you obtain permission from a member of the nursing staff prior to bringing food from home into the hospital. We will record your request and any agreement reached.