Preparing for your appointment

The majority of our appointments are face to face; we will occasionally organise a follow-up telephone call to discuss investigation results and your progress.

We ask that you check in for your appointment at the Urgent Care Centre reception at Charing Cross Hospital, and in preparation for your appointment please wear either loose-fitting clothing or bring shorts with you so that we can easily assess any lower limb injuries. We will ask you to complete a short questionnaire prior to being seen.

You will be assessed by one of our team, which consists of a Consultant or Specialist Registrar in Sport & Exercise Medicine, a GP, or one of our highly experienced sports physiotherapists. Students may be in attendance in our clinics, but we will ask you if you are happy for them to sit in during the appointment.   

Your appointment

You will need to wear a face covering throughout your visit to the hospital. Over the course of approximately 20 minutes you will be asked questions as to the nature of your injury/condition and your general health.

A musculoskeletal examination will then be carried out, and a diagnostic ultrasound investigation may also be used to help with the assessment.

If we feel that an X-ray would be of benefit this will be organised at the time. We will then discuss the findings, likely diagnosis and a management plan including rehabilitation advice. If further investigations are required in the form of blood tests, CT or MRI scans we will also organise these for a later date. 

After your appointment

We will let you know during the clinic appointment if a follow-up appointment or further investigations are required. You will then be contacted by the relevant department e.g., Radiology with an appointment day and time.

Online resources:

If you have sustained a muscle/ligament strain or sprain and are due to see us in clinic please see the following NHS guidance for some general advice: Sports injuries and Sprains and strains.