We run a large, specialist service for women with kidney diseases who want to become pregnant, or who are pregnant.

We are involved in national and international research, and also in developing the UK clinical practice guidelines in this area of medicine.

What We Offer

Prepregnancy counselling clinic

Having kidney disease can affect pregnancy and make it higher risk for both mother and baby. Being pregnant can also affect kidney function. Some of the drugs that patients with kidney problems need to take may not be safe in pregnancy, and may need to be replaced with suitable alternatives. However, with careful planning, many women with kidney diseases go on to have successful pregnancies and healthy babies.

Our prepregnancy counselling clinic runs on a monthly basis on a Thursday afternoon. We see women (along with their partners) with any type of kidney disease – including those on renal replacement therapies (on dialysis or with a transplant) – before they become pregnant, to discuss the risks and how to minimise them to give the best chance of a positive outcome.

Renal antenatal clinic

When women with kidney disease go on to become pregnant, both mother and baby need extra monitoring compared to women with no medical problems. This is to look out for and treat any complications that may arise, and may include extra blood and urine tests, blood pressure monitoring, and scans of your baby.

Our renal antenatal clinic is multidisciplinary and so you will be seen by specialist midwives, obstetricians, obstetric physicians and nephrologists (sometimes all in the same room!). It runs once a month on a Tuesday morning. This clinic is in addition to the standard midwife care that all women should receive during pregnancy.

Clinic information


Obstetric Medicine Clinic

2nd Floor, Queen Charlotte’s Hospital (next to Hammersmith Hospital)

Du Cane Road

London W12 0HS



  • Prepregnancy Counselling Clinic – monthly on a Thursday afternoon, 12pm – 3pm
  • Renal Antenatal clinic – monthly on a Tuesday morning, 9.30am – 1.30pm

Meet the Team

  • Professor Liz Lightstone (Consultant Nephrologist)
  • Dr Philip Webster (Consultant Nephrologist)
  • Sister Mandie O’Loughlin (Specialist Midwife)
  • Ms Mandish Dhanjal (Consultant Obstetrician)
  • Ms Muna Noori (Consultant Obsterician)
  • Ms Kerry Munro (Consultant Obstetrician)

Healthcare professional guidance and referrals

We serve patients with kidney diseases from across North-West London. You will be referred by your usual nephrologist, from whichever kidney clinic or dialysis unit you attend, directly to us.

We also accept external referrals from primary care and other hospitals.

Clinical pathway

We generally see patients once prior to pregnancy. We may make recommendations about your kidney care to your usual nephrologist to prepare you for pregnancy.

After you become pregnant, your usual nephrologist will then contact us directly so that we can book you into our renal antenatal service.

Education (Conditions and treatments)