Find out what to expect when you come to hospital for your appointment with our immune haematology service.

Before your appointment

You will receive a letter before your appointment based on clinic availability and the severity of your condition. You are welcome to bring a relative, close friend or carer with you to your appointment. You are also welcome to ask for a chaperone and we will endeavour to provide one for you.

Please remember to check your appointment letter for anything specific you have been asked to bring. In addition, it would be helpful if you could bring the following:

  • Your full address and telephone number(s)
  • Your appointment card and appointment letter
  • Your GP’s name and address
  • Money to pay for any prescriptions, or an exemption card and for parking
  • All medications or a list of medications you are currently taking
  • A list of questions you may want to ask your consultant

During your appointment

When you arrive at the clinic specified in your appointment letter, please report to the administrator to check in. They will ask to see your appointment letter and check that your contact details are correct. 

Please note that we are a teaching hospital, so medical students may be present for some appointments. If you do not wish to have them in the room please let the nurse or doctor know and the students will be asked to step outside.

Your first appointment will take about 45 minutes. You should expect to wait about one hour before being seen by a clinician, though you may meet other members of the multidisciplinary team while you wait.

At your first appointment a detailed history and examination will be carried out by one of our doctors. You will then be sent for blood tests and other investigations considered necessary. Your doctor will tell you what they suspect the issue may be, and what the tests are aiming to establish.

After you see the consultant, go to reception to schedule any follow-up appointments you may require.

After your appointment

After your first appointment, you are likely to have a follow-up appointment to review the results of your tests and identify the best treatment for you, if treatment is required. For certain conditions the follow-up appointment will be in one of our specialist clinics. Follow-up appointments take about 15 minutes, but you will be asked to arrive about 30 minutes early to have a blood test.

The time taken for a result to be issued varies greatly, depending on the type of test. The results of most routine blood tests are available within 48 hours; however some others such as genetic tests take longer. We may need to refer more specialised tests to other laboratories. Many results, including most blood tests, will be available within seven days. 

Results of tests are sent to the GP or consultant who made the referral. Laboratories can only provide results to a healthcare professional involved in your treatment and cannot give results directly to you or a family member. If you need to know the result or have a query, please contact your GP or the hospital team directly. You will usually be informed of the results of your tests at the next clinic appointment but any urgent results may be communicated sooner by telephone. If you require a follow-up appointment you should receive this on the same day of your attendance, at reception. If your appointment finishes after 17.00, then your clinic outcome form will be managed on the following day and a clinic appointment will be sent to you. 

Patient passport

Our patients will be given patient passports. This enables you to be brought to Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust hospitals in emergency situations. If you require urgent clinical advice about your condition, please refer to the relevant phone number in your passport.

Disabled access

All our clinical areas are disabled access enhanced, however if you have any concerns, please call haematology main reception on 020 3313 3297. There are a limited number of disabled parking spaces at Hammersmith Hospital on Du Cane Road.


There is limited number of onsite parking available at Hammersmith and St Mary’s hospitals. Wherever possible, we recommend you use public transport when attending hospital.