Find out how to refer to our dermatology services.

GP referrals

Please use NHS e-Referrals to refer a patient to our dermatology services.

All adult routine referrals should be directed to our general dermatology service and must be accompanied by clinical photographs (except genital rashes / lesions)

The requirement for photographs has been:

a. Agreed by NW London Clinical Reference Group for Dermatology, which has GP representation
b. Agreed by NW London health and care partnership
c. Listed on the latest version of the NW London standardised routine referral for dermatology
d. Outlined in the NHS England document “A Teledermatology Roadmap for 2020-21”, which has been produced in consultation with the RCGP

COVID-19 update

We are severely limited in our capacity to see new patients (1 face-to-face patient per hour per clinic)

We are providing Advice & Guidance on e-RS, aided by good-quality photographs. Referrals that can be safely and appropriately managed in Primary Care will be returned with advice.

Patients accepted to a new routine appointment currently have a wait of 21 weeks

We are currently unable to accept referrals for benign skin lesions; this will be reviewed in 2021

Secondary care

We accept referrals from other secondary care organisations directly to our specialist dermatology services. Please contact our dermatology secretaries for additional referral advice if required.

Phone: 020 3311 7103 (Charing Cross Hospital)
Phone: 020 3313 3264 (Hammersmith Hospital)
Phone: 020 3312 7993 (St Mary’s Hospital)