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Professor Shinaree Sriskandan undertook her primary medical qualifications at Cambridge University and at the Medical College of St Bartholomew's Hospital. She took her PhD at the University of London in 1997 and obtained her FRCP qualification in 2001.


Severe sepsis and toxic shock, Group A streptococcal infections, General infectious diseases including travel-related and TB

Research & publications

Group A streptococcus pathogenesis and treatment, severe gram positive bacterial infections

Selected publications:
Lynskey NN, Banerji S, Johnson LA, et al.Lynskey NN, Banerji S, Johnson LA, Holder KA, Reglinski M, Wing PA, Rigby D, Jackson DG, Sriskandan S close, 2015, Rapid Lymphatic Dissemination of Encapsulated Group A Streptococci via Lymphatic Vessel Endothelial Receptor-1 Interaction., Plos Pathog, Vol:11

Moore LS, Leslie A, Meltzer M, et al.Moore LS, Leslie A, Meltzer M, Sandison A, Efstratiou A, Sriskandan S close, 2015, Corynebacterium ulcerans cutaneous diphtheria., The Lancet Infectious Diseases, Vol:15, 1100-1107

Turner CE, Abbott J, Lamagni T, et al.Turner CE, Abbott J, Lamagni T, Holden MTG, David S, Jones MD, Game L, Efstratiou A, Sriskandan S close, 2015, Emergence of a New Highly Successful Acapsular Group A Streptococcus Clade of Genotype emm89 in the United Kingdom, MBIO, Vol:6

Lamb LEM, Sriskandan S, Tan LKK, 2015, Bromine, bear-claw scratch fasciotomies, and the Eagle effect: management of group A streptococcal necrotising fasciitis and its association with trauma, Lancet Infectious Diseases, Vol:15, 109-121

Lynskey NN, Goulding D, Gierula M, et al.Lynskey NN, Goulding D, Gierula M, Turner CE, Dougan G, Edwards RJ, Sriskandan S close, 2013, RocA Truncation Underpins Hyper-Encapsulation, Carriage Longevity and Transmissibility of Serotype M18 Group A Streptococci, Plos Pathogens, Vol:9