Miss Rashmi Akshikar is a consultant eye surgeon with over 20 years of surgical and clinical experience in this field. She is an expert in managing routine and complex retinal diseases and a world-renowned specialist in treating eye inflammation.

She provides specialist and personalised treatment for age related macular degeneration, a holistic management of diabetic eye disease including injections, implants and lasers. As the lead clinician for inflammation and immune-suppression at the Imperial Healthcare NHS trust and a world expert in her field, she has extensive experience in use of specialist immunomodulation drugs (steroids, monoclonals and biologics) used to treat intraocular, orbit, ocular surface and neuro inflammation, with a special mention to immunosuppression of Thyroid eye disease.

She performs high volume and complex cataract surgery and is proficient in use of specialist intraocular lenses including torics and multifocal implants. Rashmi treats ocular emergencies as well as a wide range of general ophthalmology ailments such as dry and watery eyes, allergy disorders, lumps and bumps of the lids etc. Being trained as an eye surgeon in the armed forces, Rashmi has extensive experience in treating trauma.

Rashmi has been involved in research for well over two decades and has a number of publications, trials and research projects to her credit. She regularly presents at international conferences and contributes to journals. She is a regional lead for ophthalmic local training and enjoys training young surgeons and clinicians.



Complex cataract surgeries with premium lenses (toric, multifocals), retinal diseases - macular degenerations, diabetic eye disease, retinal vein occlusions, complex medical retina including genetics and oncology, uveitis and ocular inflammation, thyroid eye disease, medical orbit, optic neuritis, uveitic glaucoma, intravitreal injections and retinal lasers, YAG lasers - capsulotomy, iridotomy, SLT, immunosuppression and biologics for eye conditions, all acute emergencies, all minor operative procedures, paediatric uveitis

Research & publications

Ocular tuberculosis (OTB): typical and atypical phenotypes in a UK setting
Conference: ERS International Congress October 2023

Management of ocular tuberculosis(OTB): The role of CT and Positron Emission Tomography(PET) imaging
Conference Paper ERS International Congress September 2021

Uveitis presenting with iris bombe in a patient with HIV: the importance of multi-disciplinary management — a case study
Ophthalmology Journal February 2020

Thyroid eye disease (TED): patient demographics across three multi-disciplinary (MDT) clinics in London, UK
Poster Presentation November 2019

A link between thyroid eye disease (TED) and diabetes?
Endocrine Abstracts - November 2019

Private practice

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