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Anne Marie Feeney, secretary


Mr Duncan Spalding has a BSc in Biochemistry from Southampton University and studied medicine at Birmingham University Medical School. He undertook specialist HPB surgical training at the Royal Marsden, Royal Free, Royal London and Hammersmith hospitals.


Hepatopancreatobiliary services, liver, pancreas and biliary surgery, general surgery

Research & publications

The molecular pathogenesis of cholangiocarcinomas to identify novel therapeutic targets, the early detection of cholangiocarcinomas using novel biomarkers and the synthesis of novel molecular conjugates comprising chemotherapeutic agents and transporter molecules for targeted delivery to cholangiocarcinomas. Stellate cancer-associated fibroblasts' contribution to chemoresistance of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. PET-MR imaging for the detection of early inflammation/fibrosis in steatohepatitis and chemotherapy-induced liver damage.

Private practice

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