If you are experiencing sexual function problems or difficulties ask your GP to refer you to our sexual function clinic.

About our service

The Jane Wadsworth sexual function clinic is part of Jefferiss.  

 We provide a confidential and caring service which respects our patients' age, religion, sexuality, gender, race and ethnic and cultural background.   

We are committed to providing the highest possible standards of care and treatment for all those experiencing sexual difficulties.  

We specialise in treating sexual function problems in both individuals and couples, including:  

  • erectile difficulties
  • early ejaculation 
  • delayed ejaculation
  • loss of sexual desire  
  • arousal difficulties  
  • orgasm difficulties 
  • painful or difficult intercourse 

How can I make an appointment?

You must be referred to our sexual function service by your GP via Rego e-referrals service. Please ask your GP to do this. 

Your appointment at Jane Wadsworth clinic 

At your first appointment we will ask as you to tell us about your difficulties so we can understand your concerns. We will then arrange further tests and treatment as needed. 

Follow up appointments may be with the same clinician or another member of our team, for example, a sex therapist, psychologist or physiotherapist. It may include, further assessment, examination, assessing response to treatment and ongoing help.

You will be discharged back to your GP when your clinician feels it is appropriate.

Our team

The clinic is run by Dr Ali Mears who leads a team of experts specialising in the treatment of people experiencing sexual difficulties.

This team includes physicians, psychologists, sexual therapists, a physiotherapist and senior nurses.