Everyone is entitled to receive sexual health care and advice so they can enjoy sex safely and securely

Sexual health services

Good sexual health is vital for everyone. At Jefferiss we welcome all trans, non-binary and gender diverse people to our clinics, where our friendly, non-judgemental and knowledgeable staff will be able to offer you advice and services that are right for you.

We diagnose and treat all sexually transmitted infections, HIV and related sexual health issues and also run specialist clinics for members of the LGBTQ+ community and those working in the sex industry.
A full list of our services is available here.

HIV in trans and non-binary communities

People of any gender or sexuality can be at risk of HIV, but there is evidence that some trans people, especially trans women and trans sex workers, can be at higher risk of HIV.

Our Wharfside clinic is one of the largest HIV clinics in the UK offering the full range of general and specialist HIV services, including an emergency service for urgent HIV related problems. 

For more information about our HIV services including our emergency service, please visit our HIV care pages.

Trans Sex Workers

We offer free and confidential sexual health services for trans and non-binary individuals who work, have worked or are associated with any part of the sex industry, regardless of your nationality. 

For more information visit our working in the sex industry page.


Proud is our specialist clinic dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community offering a wide ranging advice and services that are right for you.

For more information visit our LGBTQ+.

Sexual health information and advice

Access to sexual health information that is clear and relevant to you and your lifestyle is a vital part of being able to enjoy sex safely and securely.

The HIV and sexual health charity Terence Higgins Trust provides comprehensive sexual health and safer sex information and advice specifically for trans and non-binary people.

This information is available here:

Safer sex and sexual health for trans feminine people

Sex and sexual health for trans men and trans masculine people

Other sexual health clinics for trans and non-binary people

The following providers offer dedicated sexual health services for trans and non-binary individuals:

  • 56T at Dean Street- offers a holistic sexual health and wellbeing services to all trans and non-binary people. This includes cervical smear tests for trans men and non-binary people.
  • cliniQ- offers a holistic sexual health, mental health and wellbeing service for all trans people, partners and friends. This is a trans-led team service.

Further information and advice

The Terence Higgins Trust has complied a full list of resources and information to support trans and non-binary people with all aspects of their life.