You may be offered an outpatient video consultation instead of a face-to-face appointments.

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust is using video consultation platform Attend Anywhere for the majority of its video consultations. Please see instructions for attending your appointment below. 

*We are also running a pilot using the Andor video consultation platform. If you have been invited to attend a video consultation using this platform, please see the Andor video pilot page for more information.


Using the Attend Anywhere video consultation platform

Starting your video call

  1. To launch your video consultation session, click on the “Start video call”  button below.
  2. After you click the button you will be asked to choose your team WAITING AREA from a drop down list
  3. The team name is on your appointment letter and text reminder. If there is no waiting area for your team please choose “General outpatients".

Attend Anywhere

If this is your first time attending a video consultation

Watch the video to find out how your video consultation will work

Check and test your equipment in advance

Please make sure you have tested your device to ensure you are using the right browser, your microphone and camera are set up correctly and you have a strong internet connection

  • Click the 'Start video call' button:

Attend Anywhere

  • A new window will open in your browser; click the 'Test call' button, to check everything is working.

* It is recommended that you use a PC or tablet device for your video consultation. However, if you are using a mobile device, you can still run a quick test by clicking the Setup guide link and scrolling to the bottom of the page to click the 'Test call' button.

You can practice joining the virtual waiting room at any time

*Please read the video consultation guidance for equipment and browser recommendations, or to troubleshoot any problems you experience while trying to connect.

Step by step guide to your video consultation

Starting your video consultation

  1. Make sure you are online and in a quiet space, 10 minutes before the appointment start time. Please bear in mind that your clinician may be running late. 
  2. Use either Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safari on your computer, tablet or smartphone with Internet access and webcam
  3. Click on the ‘Start video call’ button. 

    Attend Anywhere

    Note: Before you begin the call there is also the option to test your sound and video. If you are using an Apple device, this is in the setup guide.

  4. Choose the right waiting area for your team from the drop down menu. The name on the drop down menu should match the name of your team in this letter. If your team is not listed, please select ‘General Outpatients’.
  5. Then enter your name, date of birth and telephone number.
  6. You will enter your own private video waiting room, where a member of the team will join you for your appointment.
  7. If you wish, your clinician can send a text/email to invite family members to join the consultation.
  8. If you cannot get the video link to work, or there are technical issues at the hospital, don’t worry, you will be called on the telephone around the time of your appointment.

During your video consultation

  • Your appointment begins when you are joined by your clinician
  • During the video consultation, your clinician may share their computer screen with you, to display test results, or other important information
  • If a consultation screen is being shared during your consultation, select the window to enlarge view
  • You are welcome to invite a family member, parent, friend and/or carer to sit with you throughout the video consultation. If you would like family member, parent, friend and/or carer to join your consultation, you can ask your clinician to send an invite for them to join the call
  • At the end of your video consultation, the clinician may suggest a further appointment. The next appointment may be at the hospital or on video. Either the clinician will agree a date and time with you or a member of our administrative team will contact you by phone in the next few days.

After your video consultation

  • After you disconnect the video call, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire. We very much appreciate you spending the time to provide feedback on your experience to help us to improve our service
  • Following your appointment we will send a letter with the outcome of the consultation to you and to your GP.

Further support and information

Support information

If you are experiencing any issues, you can read our leaflet or view the Attend Anywhere website support pages and poster.

Video calls are free, except for any internet usage. A video call uses a similar amount of data to a Skype or FaceTime call (roughly 500 MB for 20 minutes). We recommend that patients connect to their home or work Wi-Fi to avoid using their mobile data allowance.

If you cannot join the video consultation at this time or you are unable to participate in a video consultation for other reasons, please contact us on the email address or phone number below, and we will then make a new appointment for you.

Monday to Friday: 08.00 - 20.00

Phone: 020 3313 5000


View our guidance leaflet to ensure your computer or device is compatible.

About our video consultations

Attend Anywhere is a secure NHS video consultation service, allowing patients to hold consultations with healthcare professionals.

If you have agreed to attend a video consultation appointment, you will receive a letter or email, and also a text message if we have your mobile number, with details of your appointment, including the date and time and the name of your virtual clinic.


We’re currently using the video technology Attend Anywhere

Video calls are secure. Patients have their own digital video room that only authorised clinicians can enter. 

The video platform will not take a recording of your consultation. 

Personal details entered at the start of video consultation will be deleted at the end of the call.

Benefits of video consultations

You may be asked by a clinician if you would like to use our video consultation service for your next outpatient follow up appointment.

Video consultations can save you time and money as you will not need to travel to one of our hospitals. The service may also benefit you if you find it difficult to travel to hospital, or feel more comfortable talking about your health in your own home. 

Video consultations are optional, you can still choose to attend an on-site clinic. Video consultations will not normally be used if you require blood tests or scans or if your clinician needs to carry out an examination.