Our sexual health and HIV service is managed by a team of consultants.

Meet the team

Directorate management team

Dr Linda Greene, clinical director, HIV, sexual health and infection
Sinead O’Neill, lead nurse
Andy Angwin, general manager


Dr Nicky Mackie, head of specialty
Nick Osborn, senior nurse

Genitourinary medicine (GUM)

Dr Dawn Wilkinson, head of specialty
Naomi Goodhand, senior nurse


Dr Angela Bailey
Dr Micheline Byrne 
Dr Graham Cooke 
Dr Divya Dhasmana 
Dr Olamide Dosekun 
Dr Sarah Fidler 
Dr Caroline Foster 
Dr Lucy Garvey 
Dr David Goldmeier
Dr Alison Mears 
Dr Graham Taylor 
Dr John Walsh 
Prof Jonathan Weber 
Dr Alan Winston

Nurses and project workers

Jane Ayre, outreach and manager
Nora Ponnusammy, nurse practitioner 
Kelly Logue, nurse and project worker
Laura Hyde, project worker
Javier Calatrava, specialty nurse

Sexual function - senior clinical psychologists

John Green
Agnes Kocsis

Staff grade 

Dr Josef VanEyk