Find out how to refer patients to our service.

GP referrals

Please use NHS e-Referrals to refer a patient to our respiratory services. 

Suggested investigations prior to referral

Please arrange for the patient to have a chest x-ray at the hospital you intend to refer to. This should take place prior to referral or on the day of referral so images can be accessed at the clinic appointment. Please also send the results of any relevant blood tests and inform us of any relevant social circumstances that are impacting the patient’s health and well-being.

Secondary care

Referrals are best done by letter (and fax) to either Dr Robina Coker or to Dr Melissa Wickremasinghe.
Fax Dr Robina Coker: 020 3313 3260
Fax Dr Melissa Wickremasinghe: 020 3312 1613

Patients who are remote geographically from the hospital may prefer to have blood tests and imaging done first locally; lung function can usually be arranged on the day of their visit to the hospital.

Imaging can be transferred by IEP and reviewed at an ILD MDT before the patient is seen.

For certain patients, day case admission can be arranged to facilitate investigations and review.