What are lung nodules?

Lung nodules are a common incidental finding when a CT scan or chest x-ray is done which covers your lung area. This page contains some useful information which may help you to understand what a lung nodule is and how your medical team will look after you.

Patient leaflet - Understanding lung nodules

This is a leaflet which explains what a lung nodule is, and what to expect if you have been told you have one.

Patient video – Understanding lung nodules

This video provides an introduction to what a lung nodule is, and what to expect if you or someone you know have been told you have had a lung nodule found on a scan.




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Frequently asked questions about lung nodules

It is common to have lots of questions if you have been diagnosed with a lung nodule or been asked to attend further CT scans for monitoring. This document provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions in our clinics. If you're unsure about anything or if it applies to you, please discuss your individual case with your own medical team.