Find out what to expect at your appointment and read our patient information leaflets

  • You should receive a clinic appointment within eight weeks of receipt of your referral.  You are welcome to bring a relative, close friend or carer with you to your appointment or you can ask for a chaperone.
  • We suggest that you wear comfortable clothing on your upper half that is easy to remove, as it is likely that you will have a clinical examination during your appointment. 
    There is no need to fast. If you are having lung function test, please refer to the patient information leaflet regarding whether you need to withhold your inhalers prior to your appointment.
  • It is very important to bring all your medications including inhalers to your appointment as we will assess how you use your inhalers. You may also wish to bring a list of questions you wish to ask during the appointment
  • Upon arrival please visit the main reception. 
  • We will make every effort to ensure you are seen on time but sometimes a delay is unavoidable (up to 45 minutes). Our team will ensure you are kept up to date about any delays.
  • Appointments usually last between 15 (follow up) and 30 (new) minutes.
  • You will see a specialist respiratory doctor or a nurse specialist at your appointment. He/ she will discuss the results of any tests you may have had as well as their findings and recommendations. You may be referred for further tests. The consultant or nurse specialist will discuss next steps with you. 
  • Please check with the reception team whether you are due to lung function test prior to your consultation. Please refer to the Lung function test patient information leaflet section for further information. 
  • Please note we are a teaching hospital and there may be medical students. Please inform your doctor/ nurse specialist if you do not wish to have clinical observers during your consultation.
  • At the end of your consultation, the doctor or nurse specialist will usually let you know if you require a follow up appointment. A letter is usually sent to your GP which summarises your consultation and plan of care. You will receive a copy of this letter. You can expect to hear about most results at your follow-up appointment but sometimes the clinician will arrange to let you know by telephone.

Patient information leaflets