Find out how patients are referred to liaison psychiatry services provided by partner trusts in London.

GP advice and referrals

The psychiatry liaison service at St Mary’s Hospital does not accept referrals from GPs. However, the perinatal mental health service at St Mary’s Hospital does accept GP and secondary care referrals. Learn more about referring to our perinatal mental health service

The only way to access an emergency assessment for mental health by Hammersmith & Fulham liaison psychiatry is through the A&E department at Charing Cross Hospital. If a GP wishes to send a patient to the A&E department for such an emergency assessment then a call to liaison psychiatry on 020 3311 7220 should be made to discuss the clinical details with a clinician and a referral letter sent with the patient for the A&E clinicians.

For those patients already known to secondary mental health services who are presenting in crisis the patient’s community mental health team should be the first point of contact to arrange ongoing mental health care and follow up.

Referrals are considered on a case-by-case basis but for guidance those presenting with an acute disturbance of mental state and/or behaviour which poses a significant, imminent risk to the patient or others should be considered for an emergency assessment.

We have specific referral criteria and guidance for our clinics – please review this information before making a referral. Once you’ve submitted your referral, please call the relevant service to ensure that your referral has been received.

The Assessment Team at Claybrook Centre

Please post referral letters to the address below. If your referral is urgent, please call the service first to discuss the case.

The Assessment Team
Claybrook Centre
37 Claybrook Road
London W6 8LN
Phone: 020 7386 1271

Bariatric Psychiatry Clinic

If a GP would like to discuss a referral to this service please call the bariatric psychiatry clinic on 020 3312 6449 or email and request a call back from one of the clinicians.

Diabetes Psychological Medicine Service

Please call 020 3311 0232 to discuss referrals.

Perinatal Psychiatry Service

Respiratory Psychological Medicine

Please call 020 3311 0232 to discuss referrals.