Our palliative care service is managed by a team of consultants and nurses.

All members of our palliative care team have specialist training and experience in caring for patients who have an illness which may not be curable, people with advanced disease and patients at the end of their life. Our team will discuss any decisions or plans for your care with you and your family. They will be able to answer any questions you have about the benefits and risks of your care options. The team also acts as an advisory service to the medical team who is looking after you.

Key roles within the palliative care team are

A palliative care nurse specialist is the main contact for palliative care and may become your key worker. The key worker is the person who will be your point of contact during your illness.

A palliative medicine consultant is a specialist in pain and symptom control, and provides guidance to the palliative care team about your care plan.

Other members

There are other healthcare professionals who work closely with the palliative care team, such as dietitians, occupational therapists, psychologists or chaplains. They can offer a range of practical, emotional and spiritual support. If you would like to be referred to any of them, please mention this to your nurse specialist.

Lead palliative medicine consultant 

Dr Sarah Frearson

Palliative medicine consultants

Dr Katherine Buxton
Dr Karen Frame
Dr Anne-Louise Jennings
Dr Clare Smith
Professor Katie Urch
Dr Heena Khiroya (locum consultant)

Junior Doctors

Foundation Year 2
Foundation Year 3
Specialist Registrar

Lead nurse for palliative care

Tori Martin

Palliative care team leads

Ulrike Gillon
Maxwell Opoku-Darko

Palliative care nurse specialists

Daniel Charmant-Dunne
Lucy Colacicchi
Jeanette Descallar
Andrea Lowe
Louise Moran
Carrie O’Dell
Amanda Robinson
Angela Rodrigues
Scarlett Ryan
Fliss Hafner (CNS in Training)
Leanne Moran (CNS in Training)

Palliative care team administrators

Judy Naidoo
Iwona Pilat