Find advice and referrals information for GPs who would like to refer patients to our male fertility service.

Please use NHS e-Referrals to refer a patient to our male fertility service, which can be accessed via reproductive medicine on NHS e-Referrals.

GP advice

When referring patients for specific advice about male fertility, please include the results of two semen analyses, as well as results of serum analyses for FSH, LH, prolactin, testosterone and oestradiol. When patients are azoospermic, it is also mandatory to have specific viral screening tests, including hepatitis B (surface antigen), hepatitis B (core antibody), hepatitis C and HIV 1 and 2 screens.

These tests are necessary when a scrotal exploration is envisaged, which may be the only way of diagnosing the cause of the azoospermia, and of retrieving sperm directly from the testicle (a micro-TESE procedure), which then allow sperm to be stored for subsequent IVF and ICSI.

Dr Channa Jayasena is always happy to discuss specific enquiries with GPs and referring doctors.

Phone: 020 3311 7669