We offer a mix of theoretical and practical learning in vascular ultrasound scanning.

Our vascular simulation training gives hands on experience with the kind of equipment and techniques that you’d use in clinical scenarios. We also have a large selection of lecture material on vascular pathophysiology and vascular ultrasound.


We don’t offer undergraduate training places at present but can provide short training in ultrasound scanning to those interested in the field.


We are the only department in the UK who provides both practical and theoretical training in medical ultrasound at master’s level. We don’t offer postgraduate training places, although we have opportunities for staff to register at MRes, MPhil or PhD levels. We can also help with fees and running cost for a higher degree.

Professional development

We offer higher degree support for staff, and short training courses in vascular scanning to nurses from related departments and anyone else interested in learning to do basic scanning to help with diagnosis.

Work experience

We provide work experience to trust employees and students from schools and colleges. Students from outside of this organisation have to complete a formal work experience form.

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