Learn about our undergraduate and postgraduate orthoptic education opportunities

Undergraduate education 

Undergraduate clinical placements are essential to completing the orthoptic degree programme. Placements are allocated by your university; we accept approximately nine students from The University of Liverpool and The University of Sheffield each year. Placements are usually four weeks long and happen throughout the year.

Optometrists must complete at least one or two weeks in a hospital eye clinic; the orthoptic team will help organise this placement with you.

Students have the opportunity to work closely with our consultants, doctors and optometrists throughout their placements.

Jamie Spofforth, student, said: 

"The course was very engaging and progressive. The teaching included lectures and tutorials at my university, and the learning was then put into practice during clinical placements. I worked closely with consultants, doctors and optometrists which gave me the opportunity to see and learn a lot about ophthalmology, especially in specific clinics such as neurology and endocrinology."

Postgraduate education

We offer postgraduate experience for optometrists and orthoptists particularly professionals who are returning to practice or transferring from abroad. Postgraduate courses are available in orthoptics and there are opportunities to take a PhD or Masters level programme through several universities.

All staff have access to internal leadership programmes and supported entry to NHS Leadership Academy programmes.

Work experience

We are happy to take work experience students. We currently organise this in liaison with the Trust's work experience department.