Education and training is an important part of our speech and language therapy department. From self-directed study to professional development, journal clubs and peer support, it’s an environment where ideas are exchange across disciplines every day. We also have strong links to Imperial College and offer paired placements. We mix informal and formal teaching in and out of the Trust. This includes access to our skilled workforce with specialists in areas like head and neck cancer, laryngectomy and airways as well as in neonates, paediatric, adult acute and stroke.​

Undergraduate and postgraduate

We accept undergraduate and postgraduate students from local higher education institutions, like City and University College London. Placements can vary from one day a week per term to two to four week blocks. Students who attend must have preparatory mandatory training run by their university.


Staff opportunities

Staff can take non-mandatory training if it relates to their objectives and role. Requests are reviewed internally. Staff can apply for study leave and external funding to support masters and PhDs.


Some staff who gain a PhD apply for clinical lectureship awards and some research projects are available through that route.