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2005 FRCS Urol, Intercollegiate Board Exam Urology
1999 - 2001 MD Bristol Urological Institute and University of Magdeburg: 'Radical prostatectomy in the South of England from 1989 to 2001'

Mr Mathias Winkler is an accredited consultant urologist and pelvic minimally invasive surgeon. He has a strong academic background in surgical pelvic oncology and a major interest in imaging biomarker development and prostate cancer biomarker validation. His special interests are in minimally-invasive treatments for prostate cancer and prostate imaging. He has made a lifetime commitment to excellence in medical education.

Mr Winkler is currently a consultant urologist, at Charing Cross Hospital and at West Middlesex University Hospital, London. He is also an adjunct reader in urology at Imperial College London. Other positions he currently holds include specialty programme director and chair of Training Programme Management Group, Urology for North London, Imperial Lead Provider; urology cancer lead in the department of urology, West Middlesex University Hospital, London since 2008; lead of prostate cancer SMDT at Imperial College NHS Healthcare Trust; and trustee and board director at The Mulberry Centre. He has also been lecturer for the graduate entry anatomy course since 2008.


Brain and central nervous system tumours, Skin Cancer, Palliative Radiotherapy

Research & publications


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