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Dr Gaurav Atreja completed his initial training and education in India. After completing his postgraduate training in paediatrics at reputed institutes in India, he moved to the UK in 2004. He trained and worked in some of the most reputed hospitals in London before being accredited as a specialist in neonatal medicine and paediatrics. He has extensive experience in paediatrics and neonatal medicine. As a part of a dedicated neonatal service, he facilitated the first ever reported successful neonatal organ donation in the UK at Queen Charlotte's & Chelsea Hospital, London.  With recent advances in neonatal care, outcomes have improved. This has also meant increased workload and a higher incidence of medico-legal issues. Many aspects of neonatal care are still not evidence-based which leads to confusion and ambiguity. Dr Atreja strives to work towards developing and supporting the evidence base in neonatal care to further minimise risk. He is passionate about the quality of neonatal care and is always working towards improving it. Having originally trained in India, he is committed to improving the new-born care in India and the rest of the world.


Neonatology, paediatrics

Research & publications

Neonatal neuroprotection, neonatal ventilation

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