Our physiotherapy service team includes skilled physiotherapists and a clinical academic.

Julian Jacob, clinical service lead for surgery, trauma and orthopaedics, oncology and private patients
Davina Richardson, clinical service lead neurosciences
Laura Burgess, clinical service lead vascular and amputees.
Elaine Sheerin, clinical service lead musculoskeletal outpatients
Sarah Wolujewicz, clinical service lead pelvic health
Rebecca Biggs, clinical service lead physiotherapist for paediatrics and neonates
Joelle Chalmers, clinical lead hand therapy
Gangadaran Sivachandra, clinical lead for occupational therapy and physiotherapy at Hammersmith Hospital
Rangaprakash Muthukumarasamy, clinical lead physiotherapist for medicine

Caroline Alexander, PhD, MSc, MSCP NIHR, lead clinical academic for therapies at Imperial College Health Care and adjunct reader at Imperial College London