Advice and referral information for GPs who are looking to refer a patient to our allergy service.

GP referrals

All allergy referrals should be made via the NHS e-Referrals system, and include the following information:

  1. Presenting complaint: symptoms and suspected allergic triggers, timing of reactions in relation to suspected triggers, dates of acute reactions (onset of reactions if ongoing symptoms)
  2. Has the patient suffered anaphylaxis (with breathing difficulties or hypotension)? 
  3. Is the patient asthmatic?
  4. Full past medical history – a printout from records is acceptable
  5. Medication history – this is often of vital importance (e.g. ACE-inhibitors in patients with angioedema)
  6. Drug allergies – name of the drug that has caused the reaction as often patients do not know what the full name is.

GP Advice

You are welcome to call the allergy secretary and allergy nurse specialists for advice about referrals.

Phone (allergy secretary): 020 3312 1149
Phone (allergy nurse specialists): 020 3312 1542

Secondary care

We welcome referrals of patients with anaesthetic allergy/peri-operative anaphylaxis. We will only see these patients upon receipt of a copy of the patient's anaesthetic chart, an AAGBI form and a copy of their drug chart (click here for more information).

It is the anaesthetist's responsibility to provide this information and complete the paperwork. Referrals from primary care or via the patient's surgeon will not be accepted. Referrals with incomplete information will be rejected.

Please send all anaesthetic allergy referrals to the following address:

Chest and allergy clinic
Ground Floor
Mint Wing 
St Mary’s Hospital
Praed Street
London W2 1NY