Professor Stephen Brett completed his undergraduate education at the University of Birmingham, and has served with the regular army. He undertook his specialist training in London and is a Doverdale fellow in critical care at the Royal Brompton Hospital. He completed his MD thesis in pulmonary vascular control.

Professor Brett has been a consultant in intensive care medicine at Hammersmith Hospital since 1998. He is currently president of the Intensive Care Society. As well as taking on the role of reader in critical care at Imperial College, London, he also sits on many external advisory boards, trial steering groups and data & safety committees.


General critical illness, Multiple organ failure, Severe acute pancreatitis, Recovery after myocardial infarction and cardiac arrest, Prolonged recovery after cardiothoracic surgery, Post surgical care, Sepsis and severe infection

Research & publications

Critical care with research interests ranging from clinical trials to epidemiology and human factors.

Recent publications:

Corner EJ, Hichens LV, Attrill KM, Vizcaychipi MP, Brett SJ, Handy JMet al., 2015, The responsiveness of the Chelsea Critical Care Physical Assessment tool in measuring functional recovery in the burns critical care population: An observational study,BURNS, Vol: 41, Pages: 241-247, ISSN: 0305-4179

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