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Dr Soma Banerjee qualified from St George's Hospital medical school in 1997. She completed her basic medical training at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, where she received her MRCP in 2000. She went on to train as a geriatric SpR in the south east Thames training region, followed by a stroke fellowship year at St Mary's Hospital in 2007. She then undertook a period in research training for her MD degree, and was part of the team who completed the UK's first clinical trial of stem cells in patients who have had a stroke. She obtained her CCT in 2010, and commenced her substantive consultant post at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust in 2011. She completed a clinical MD project examining stem cell therapy in ischaemic stroke, and obtained her MD(Res) degree in July 2013. Dr Banerjee has special interests in translating stem cell therapy to the bedside for stroke patients.


Stroke, general internal medicine, geriatrics

Research & publications

Selected publications
Banerjee S*, Bentley P*, Hamady M, Marley S, Davis J, Shlebak A, Nicholls J, Williamson DA, Jensen SL, Gordon M, Habib N, Chataway J, 2014, Intra-Arterial Immunoselected CD34+ Stem Cells for Acute Ischemic Stroke. Stem Cells Trans Med; published online: sctm.2013-0178. (*joint first name)

Banerjee S, Williamson DA, Habib N, Chataway J, 2012, The Potential Benefit of Stem Cell Therapy After Stroke: An Update. Journal of Vascular Risk and Health, 8: 569-580 (Invited Review)

Banerjee S, Williamson D, Gordon M, Habib N, Chataway J, 2011, Human Stem Cell Therapy in Ischaemic Stroke: A Review. Banerjee S, Williamson D, Gordon M, Habib N, Chataway J. Age and Ageing. 40(1):7-13

Banerjee S, Biram R, Chataway J, Ames D, 2010, South Asian Strokes: lessons from the St Mary's stroke database. Quarterly Journal of Medicine. 2010;103(1):17-21 '

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