Dr Rudy Sinharay is a respiratory and general medical physician working at St Mary’s Hospital. He completed his specialist training in respiratory and general internal medicine in London, including at St Barthlomew’s Hospital, Royal Free Hospital and University College London Hospital.   After working as a locum consultant at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust Hospital he has been a substantive consultant at Imperial College Healthcare since the end of 2019.  He was awarded an MD(res) at Imperial College London for research undertaken at the Royal Brompton Hospital, investigating the effects of air pollution on patients with COPD and ischaemic Heart disease. He is an honorary clinical senior lecturer at the National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London.

He runs a pleural clinic as well as being part of the lung cancer multidisciplinary team and service.  He is experienced in bronchoscopy, EBUS and pleural procedures.




General and acute medicine, General respiratory medicine, Lung cancer, Pleural disease, Interventional bronchoscopy, Airway diseases

Research & publications

His research interests include the effects of air quality on respiratory disease and he is a current co-investigator of an MRC funded study investigating the health effects of particulate matter in the London Underground on patients with COPD.  He has also presented work on lung cancer at several international conferences.

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