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Dr Cecilia Trigg was appointed as consultant allergist at St Mary's Hospital in 2003. Her main clinical interests are currently food allergy, with a particular interest in pollinosis food allergy syndromes and component-resolved diagnostics, and transition from paediatric to adult care. Dr Trigg runs one of the UK's few food challenge clinics to prove tolerance to foods in patients who may be avoiding types of food unnecessarily.


General allergy, food allergy, food challenge, anaphylaxis, transition of patients 16 years old and over from St Marys paediatric allergy, asthma and rhinitis, hayfever and immunotherapy, venom allergy and immunotherapy, urticaria and angioedema, multiple allergies

Research & publications

MD on variability of bronchial responsiveness, publications on bronchial provocation testing, bronchial immunopathology, asthma and rhinitis.