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Dr Casburn-Jones graduated from University of London (Royal Free/UCLH) in 1992, and trained in gastroenterology and general internal medicine on the north east London rotation. She was awarded a master's degree in health policy from Imperial College, London in 2014.

She has worked as a consultant at St Mary's Hospital since 1995. She has undertaken research in infectious gastroenterology and the enteric nervous system and has presented her work nationally and internationally; she was a recipient of a Core Research Training Fellowship. She has a specialist interest in functional gut disorders.

Dr Casburn-Jones has delivered clinical systems leadership with implementation of assurance and safety management systems, has been a lead advisor on all aspects of governance, regulation and assurance of independent sector NHS service contracts during service mobilisation, contract management and contract termination. She was the clinical lead for the SHA assurance programme governance workstream, and provided clinical assurance to the national PROMS programme. She has been an executive board member of NHS contracting, been a Caldicott guardian and was also chair of PETCT independent sector governance board (2008-2010), a member of the national PROMS stakeholder reference group, and a DH prevent operations board member. She has also been a consultant advisor to McKinsey & Company on large scale national procurements. She is a facilitator and faculty member of the Windsor Leadership Trust training programme and is a fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management.

She has been a clinical director at the Department of Health (2007-2011) and is currently on part-time secondment there as a senior policy advisor (policy areas: diagnostics, endoscopy).

2014 MSc Health Policy Imperial College
2014 Certificate of specialist training internal medicine, gastroenterology
2005 Membership of the Royal College of Physicians (UK)
1995 MBBS University of London MERIT award - pathology
1992 BSc Medical Sciences, Philosophy, Sociology (Division I, Class II) Philosophy of Science, Health Policy, Social Theory


Functional GI diseases, dyspepsia, gastro-oesophageal reflux, coeliac disease, general gastroenterology, endoscopy

Research & publications

Functional GI diseases, brain-gut-axis, enteric nervous system, health management and policy

Previous publications
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