Update on Paddington Square demolition works next to St Mary's Hospital

Until December 2018, patients and visitors to St Mary’s Hospital may experience some disruption caused by nearby demolition works for the Paddington Square development (on the corner of Praed Street and London Street).

Works have now started in anticipation of the demolition of the former Post Office  building on Praed Street next to the hospital’s Winston Churchill building.

As part of this work, from Thursday 2 August scaffolding of our three outpatient buildings will begin. Scaffolding will also be carried out around the rear corner section of Winston Churchill and Praed Street next to the former Post Office - these works will take place in the evenings over this weekend in order to limit any potential inconvenience to pedestrians. Once the scaffolding is complete, the demolition of the former Post Office will begin soon after. These works will continue until December 2018. 

We apologise in advance for any impact these neighbouring works may have for our patients and visitors.

While the developer has put in place a range of mitigation and monitoring measures, we anticipate that there may be some disruption caused by additional noise, dust and vibration. If patients and visitors wish to raise any issues about the impact of the demolition works on their care and treatment, then we would ask them to speak to our staff or contact the patient advice and liaison service (PALS).