Trust pilots smallest ever UK nappy to help premature babies

New nappies specifically designed to meet the needs of premature babies are to be piloted at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust’s two neo-natal intensive care units.

The range of new nappies, developed by Pampers in partnership with Bliss, the UK charity for babies born premature or sick, includes the size P3 nappy which is three sizes smaller than a regular newborn nappy and suitable for babies weighing as little as 1.8lb (800g). The new nappies are designed to minimise disruption to help with premature babies sleep, positioning, and medical care.

Regular newborn nappies have a wide core that can push baby’s legs apart, not allowing a baby’s hips and legs to rest comfortably, which can disrupt healthy growth and development.

Dr Lidia Tyszczuk, Consultant Neonatologist at the Trust, said: 

“We’re really excited to be a part of this pilot with Pampers and Bliss. We provide care for extremely pre-term babies with very specific needs so this is a great opportunity to see how these nappies can benefit the babies and make them more comfortable.  

“We’re really pleased to be encouraging the importance of family-delivered care on our units. This pilot is also a chance to get parents involved in caring and bonding with their babies by nappy changing.” 

Approximately 1 in 11 babies (60,000) are born prematurely in the UK each year. More than 850 babies are admitted to Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust’s two neo-natal units at St Mary’s and Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea hospitals, making this one of the largest neonatal services in the UK.

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust is one of seven trusts trialling the new nappies.