Imperial Adolescent Health Transition e-Hub launches

This week is International Adolescent Health Week – the perfect time to announce the launch of our new Adolescent Health Transition e-Hub, an online resource to support, inform and educate young people transitioning from children’s to adults’ services.

Funded by Imperial Health Charity through the Innovate at Imperial Grant Scheme, the new resource is for 11-25 years old and those who live with them, care for them, educate them – and for all others who want to know more about why health transition is important and how it works. 

The e-hub will have 10 core modules covering key aspects of adolescent health and healthcare transition. There will be links, ways to keep them fresh and relevant, and we will start paving the way for future condition-specific modules.

Who is part of it? Young People and You!

The e-Hub resources will be collated and developed with young people and those who care for them. If you’d like to know more or help inform resources, please join the Young People at Imperial Big Room.

The project lead is Claudia Gore and she will be working closely with Chris Bound, who will take on the important role of 11-25 (Children and Young People’s) Digital Champion for this project with funding allowing him to work one full day every week on the project for a year.

Claudia says: "In the last 10 years, we have worked tirelessly with many others to get care for adolescents on the map at the Trust and beyond. I am hugely excited, that the Imperial Health Charity is funding this project, which has such a potential to support our vision for the future of 11-25 care are at Imperial."

Patient Voices Programme

To make this project immersive and bring in lived experience relating to adolescent health and healthcare transition, the e-Hub modules will be built around digital stories and the team is delighted to have Pip Hardy and Tony Sumner from the Patient Voices Programme as collaborators. Pip and Tony have previously worked on the very successful Terrific Teens & Fabulous Families Project.

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