Statement from Trust medical director, Professor Julian Redhead, on the major incident

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust medical director, Professor Julian Redhead, said:

“St Mary’s and Charing Cross hospitals declared a major incident this morning in response to the fire at Grenfell tower block in Kensington. Both hospitals received casualties; at St Mary’s Hospital, we received 16 patients, three of whom were in a critical condition. At Charing Cross Hospital, we received four patients, none of whom were critical.

"This evening we have 11 patients remaining at St Mary’s Hospital, with three patients remaining in a critical condition. The four patients at Charing Cross Hospital have been discharged from hospital care. Both hospitals have now stood down from formal major incident status.

“I am very proud of the fantastic response we have had from our staff, both those on duty and those who came in as part of our major incident protocol. We are continuing to care for patients who are primarily suffering the effects of smoke.

“Along with the emergency services and other receiving hospitals, we are ensuring that we are doing everything that we can to care for and support those affected by this dreadful incident.”

Information about the impact of the major incident on our services is being kept updated on our website.