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Charing Cross Hospital
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Acute and elderly medicine recruitment day

Rose who works in acute and elderly medicine

Fast forward your nursing career at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, and be eligible for a new starter premium of £5000 on joining us. The starter premium is £2000 up front – which can help with relocation – and £3000 after 18 months.

Please note the new starter premium is only eligible for the following wards:

8 South - Elderly Medicine, 8 West - Elderly Medicine, 8 North - Endocrinology and Marjory Warren (AMU).

We will be offering guided tours, interviews and will be making job offers on the day.

Charing Cross Hospital is full of opportunity for nurses who are starting out in acute medicine, specialist medicine or elderly medicine for looking for progression to develop new skills.

You’ll undertake in-depth, bespoke training in medical nursing and be part of an upbeat, dynamic team bringing multi-disciplinary insight and energy into transforming the lives of our acute care as well as frail, elderly patients.

Your career will benefit from experience of the whole patient pathway including emergency, dementia, frailty, chronic diseases, such as It’s a varied and diverse role with lots of transferable skills.

You will benefit from specialist skills training, clinical and education supervision with a dedicated mentor and leadership development.

This is supported by opportunities to apply for academic degree and Masters Pathways, studying modules such as recognising the deteriorating patient and acute respiratory care.

Our aim is to use our specialist skills, strength and emotional intelligence to get our patients connected, thriving and back in their lives again. We also have fun getting to know them with tea parties, games, film club, dementia cafe and sometimes, even a therapy dog.

Charing Cross Hospital has a proud heritage of caring for elderly, frail patients and continues to build and innovate with its strong, specialist medicine for the elderly team. It is one of the Trust’s five leading hospitals.