Imperial Health Knowledge Bank

The Imperial Health Knowledge Bank (IHKB) will be a list of people who are interested in taking part in future research studies and allow us to store their health information. This will include data collected during routine care and patients will also have the option to provide a blood sample. 

We are asking patients if they would like to take part. If you consent to take part, we will add you to the list and your health information will be automatically included. You don’t need to do anything differently. 

To join the Imperial Health Knowledge Bank or for more information, contact the team directly: or 07795334835 

You can read the detailed patient information sheet here.


Why join Imperial Health Knowledge Bank

Each of us can make a unique and valuable contribution to health research.  

The Imperial Health Knowledge Bank will help improve our knowledge and understanding of health and improve care for everyone. You will be contributing to a collection of health information and joining our list of people who are happy to be contacted about future health research studies. 

Researchers may use your samples and information to learn more about health conditions or to help them find diseases earlier and develop new tests and treatments. 

How we will use the information

If you consent to take part in the Imperial Health Knowledge Bank: 

  1. We will add your details to a list of people we can contact about future research studies to ask if you want to take part
  2. We will help researchers to safely and securely access the health data contained in the database for research studies
  3. We will ask if you would like to provide a blood sample to be analysed and safely stored as part of the database for future research. You can say ‘no’ to providing a blood sample. 

How to join

Read the participant information sheet for detailed information about joining the Imperial Health Knowledge Bank. 

If you have received a text message from us inviting you to join the Imperial Health Knowledge Bank, you can join via the link on the text. 

For further questions or to join, please contact the team directly: or 07795334835 

Benefit for you

You may not benefit personally from any research carried out using your samples and data. However, the use of your samples and data may lead to the development of new drugs, treatments or tests and the results of the research may benefit patients in the future.  

How to withdraw 

You can change your mind and withdraw your consent to be included in the Imperial Health Knowledge Bank at any time. Please contact us directly at or 07795334835 


Yes. Best ethical and legal practices will be followed to ensure that all information collected about you will be handled safely and securely. Your personal details will never be released to researchers without your consent.