Find out how to refer patients to our ear, nose and throat service.


Please use NHS e-Referrals to refer a patient to our ear, nose and throat service. 

If you need any advice ahead of making a referral please us via the bleep system at St Mary’s Hospital on 1311, and by phoning 020 3313 5584 nurses station for Charing Cross Hospital.

Two week wait cancer referrals — click here to learn more.

Secondary care

To refer a patient to our service, please contact consultants' secretaries (details below).

Phone: 020 3313 5000, 08.00 to 20.00, Monday through Friday

Charing Cross Hospital

Secretary to Mr Harcourt and Mr Benjamin 
Phone: 020 3311 1069 

Secretary to and Mr Grant and Mr Sandhu 
Phone: 020 3311 1071 

Secretary to Mr Clarke and Mr Mace
Phone: 020 3311 7798 

Secretary to Mr Saleh and Miss Kuchai 
Phone: 020 3311 1025 

St Mary’s Hospital

Secretary to Mr Tolley and Mr Mace 
Phone: 020 3312 7566 

Secretary to Mr Parikh, Miss Kuchai and Mr Patel 
Phone: 020 3312 6709 

Secretary to Dr Alam Hussein 
Phone: 020 3312 1091