MRKH is a congenital abnormality (an abnormality you were born with) of the reproductive system that affects about 1 in every 5,000 females.

Women usually discover that they have MRKH during puberty. Although a young womaen with MRKH will develop breasts and pubic hair, they do not start having periods because they were born without a uterus.

Women with MRKH:

  • do not have a vagina
  • do not have a uterus (womb) or have an undeveloped uterus
  • have ovaries which produce eggs and female hormones but do not have periods
  • cannot get pregnant or carry a baby but they can have children of their own through the process of IVF surrogacy
  • have a 40 per cent chance of having differences in the development of their kidney and urinary tract (for example, 15 per cent have only one kidney).

Ten per cent of women with MRKH may experience some hearing difficulties and another ten per cent may have bone changes.

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