Our social media channels are managed by our communications team. We use social media to connect with our patients and local community.

We share news about our hospitals, stories from our staff and patients, health information you may find helpful, and events for our community. We also share stories from our partners, including other NHS organisations, Imperial Health Charity, and Imperial College London.


Follow our primary channel, @ImperialNHS, for news and updates about our hospitals. An additional channel, @ImperialPeople, helps our staff connect with each other.


On Instagram @ImperialNHS you’ll find stories from our people.


Follow us on Facebook @ImperialNHS to find out about community events, news and career opportunities.


Follow us on LinkedIn at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust to learn more about our career opportunities and what it’s like to work at our hospitals.


Follow us on YouTube at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust to learn more about our people, our cutting-edge research and some of the conditions we treat.

Monitoring our social media

We monitor our social media channels Monday – Friday from 9.00 until 17.00, excluding bank holidays. We receive a high volume of enquiries, but we aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours during the working week. If we cannot answer your enquiry ourselves, we will refer you to the most appropriate contact at the Trust.

If you have a question about your clinical care, need help contacting a service or would like to share feedback, please contact our patient advice and liaison service directly at imperial.pals@nhs.net.

Find out more about sharing feedback

Share your story

One of the aims of our social media is to reflect and represent the voices and stories of our patients. If you would like to share your story of the care received at one of our hospitals, then please get in touch via email imperial.communications@nhs.net.

Behaviour online

We actively encourage our followers to engage with the content we share on our channels. This includes liking, commenting and sharing our posts.

However, we expect our followers to engage with our content in a safe and respectful manner. On rare occasions, we ‘hide’, remove and/or report inappropriate content posted by other users, in line with our social media policy.

Inappropriate content could include, but is not limited to:

  • abusive or threatening messages
  • offensive language, including swearing or personal insults
  • spam/commercial posts
  • harassment
  • hate speech
  • comments which are off topic

We reserve the right to ban or block users from any social media page if they repeatedly post inappropriate content.

Additional social media channels

Some of our services manage their own social media channels to provide the latest news about the services they provide:


@CC4CLondon – Connecting Care for Children helps connect hospital specialists from our children's services with general practitioners and other health providers in our community.

@JefferissWing publishes updates from our sexual health service


@ImperialMaternity shares updates from our maternity services, including live events featuring our experts.

Contact us

If you would like to speak to our social media team directly, please email imperial.communications@nhs.net.

Find out how you can reach our press office.